Creative Micro Design

ISO 9001:2008

Contract Manufacturing and Design

Electronics, Optics, Mechanics, Firmware, Software, Digital Signal Processing. Custom, and semi-custom solutions since 1991, Situated south of Philadelphia, mid way between New York and Washington DC, right off I95. Proud that we have kept a strong, fun, positive relationship with every one of our customers we have ever partnered with.

We will build you single prototypes and volume PC board assemblies.

Good, efficient design is not always easy. We're not afraid of hard work, we have strong technical skills and we quickly adapt to meet the needs of out partners. Lets work with your idea, concept, want, wish or problem, and help you achieve an optimum solution. We are small and flexible enough to meet your demanding timescales, yet big enough to have the necessary skills and equipment and resources.

Core competencies include electronic circuit design, PCB design, optical and mechanical design, embedded software, user software and digital signal processing. Hardware, software or both, we can help you with feasibility programs, breadboards, evaluation prototypes, specification definitions packaging, testing, Windows, Mac, Linux, iPhone/iPad), sensor evaluation, parts procurement. Please pick your combination, the call or email, or stop by.


Biotech Growth Device
In-Office Lens Production
Immersion Circulator
Advanced Programmable Temperature Controller
Advanced Digital Controller
Control Boards
Textile Analysers
Process monitoring and control
Precision Airsoft Components
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