If it seems like there is a lot in our portfolio, it's because there is! Some of the design solutions cannot be shown for a variety of reasons, security, competition, and often, sometimes it may be a neat solution, but the problem it solved can be difficult to explain. If you need a solution, call us, or visit. It's quite possible that we may already have a partial solution for your need in our repertoire.

Biotech Growth Device
Biotech Growth Device - Device used in laboratory to test biotechnology resistance
In-Office Lens Production
In-Office Lens Production - Device used by optical professional to produce lens
Immersion Circulator
Immersion Circulator - The PolyScience Immersion Circulator is engineered to deliver precision temperature control with remarkable convenience and versatility
Advanced Programmable Touch Screen
Advanced Programmable Temperature Controller - This temperature controller has a user-friendly interface with a gorgeous full color touch screen
Advanced Digital Controller
Advanced Digital Controller - easily customized to meet your requirements
Pupillometer - An FDA approved device that measures a human's dark adapted pupil size in the dark
Control Boards
Control Boards - A range of high precision, yet inexpensive control boards
Textile Analyzers
Textile Analyzers - Including a 3072 channel FFT spectrum analyzer
Vest Logger - Tiny device with human proximity detector and LCD assists with the treatment of Scoliosis
Process Monitoring
Process Monitoring - Being able to measure pressures, temperatures, speeds, or other key data.
Precision Airsoft Components
Precision Airsoft Components - Airsoft device with adjustable velocity, rate of fire and volume
Your Product
Your Product - What is it you need - don't be afraid to ask!